Cyrptocurrency Expert Ian King Reveals His Investing Secrets

The world of cryptocurrency is filled with people who claim that they have insight on the new and exciting investment opportunity. However, one financial expert has proven himself to know everything about crypto from blockchain to Bitcoin. That expert, Ian King, has become the go-to expert on everything crypto.

So who exactly is Ian King? Well, Mr. King is known as one of the top investment experts in the world of cryptocurrency. His work can be found in various newsletters from Bayan Hill Publishing. For several years, Mr. King has helped thousands of people navigate through the uncharted waters of the cryptocurrency world.

One of the specific insights Ian King has provided to his readers is the concept of a “cryptocorn.” Now, you might be wondering what the heck a “cryptocorn” is. Well, the term is taken from a Silicon Valley term “unicorn” to describe start-ups with a billion dollar valuation. Mr. King has taken this term and slightly altered it. Thus, “Cryptocorn” describes crypto projects that have an over one billion dollar valuation. As more and more crypto projects attract more investors with deeper pockets, Ian King is working hard to help his readers identify these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

In another article, Ian King talked about it being the “end of the beginning” for Bitcoin. What he meant by that was that the price of Bitcoin has begun to enter the second phase of its bull run. Having already dropped 50% on multiple occasions, Mr. King sees the price of Bitcoin stabilizing. Soon, he believes, the price of Bitcoin will rocket upward as the coin begins to gain more and more mainstream acceptance around the world.

Ian King is a financial expert with several decades of experience on Wall Street. As a former hedge fund manager, Mr. King has experience trading everything from stocks to bonds, currencies as well as derivatives. Starting out at the mortgage trading department at Solomon Brothers, Mr. King started out working with big clients while handling major Wall Street deals. He would eventually find himself at Citigroup working in the credit derivatives department. Afterward, Mr. King moved to New York-based hedge fund Peahi Capital where he spent over a decade as an options trader. Today, Mr. King is a leading expert in the crypto world as the editor of the Banyan Hill Published newsletterCrypto Profit Trader.

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