Kevin Seawright’s Impressive Portfolio

Kevin Seawright graduated from Almeda University with his MBA and went on to the University of Notre Dame to obtain a certificate in Executive Leadership. He has held a wide variety of management positions in both the public and the private sector.

His first position was that of Managing Fiscal Officer for the City of Baltimore. He has also held other managing financial positions in different departments for the same city. In the course of his career working for the public he has had responsibility for over 400 million dollars worth of funds. Aside from working for the City of Baltimore he has also worked in the public sector in executive roles for both Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

In the course of his studies ,and in the years of his working experience, he has been successful in organizing financial divisions that are responsive and effective as well as designing administrative systems that can be used in any business or organization

Between working for these last two public organization he worked for a construction company called Tito Contractors. He is ,at the moment, again working in the private sector in Real Property Solutions LLC., the business he founded, as the COO and Managing Partner. His business is based in Baltimore and through it he is aiming to improve the number of homeowners in that area, by constructing or renovating residential buildings. The company collaborates with first times home buyers, in an effort to provide economical housing and improve the Baltimore residential areas.

Mr. Seawright also has a satisfying personal life, investing time with his daughter and indulging in his love of sports. He is connected in an advisory position with the Babe Ruth Museum and volunteers his time to coach a local basketball team associated with the Suffolk Virginia Parks & Recreation Department. Learn more: