Alex Pall and His Passion for Writing Music for The Chainsmokers

There are so many things we can say here about Alex Pall, the one half of the duo that forms The Chainsmokers band, the DJ-based EDM band that has been around in the industry so long that they seem to be one of the most outstanding and successful bands today. It should also be noted that the Alex Pall is the man responsible for the powerful growth of their distinct musical brand. In the interview the band did with The Interview magazine, we learned a lot about the kind of drive, passion, interest, and incentives that the band uses to create the music they want.

The Radio Banger

After writing the songs “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”, it’s easy to say that Alex Pall has indeed made the kind of music that the world wanted. These songs were written few years ago, and the rather diverging styles that both songs have is a testament that there’s a variety in The Chainsmokers that no one in their competition and rivals can seem to offer. The songwriting strength of Alex Pall may have become the roots of why their band is still here right now, and will still be continuing to make wonderful songs.

It is also revealed in the interview that the collaboration of Alex Pall with music producers such ad deadmau5 have also been instrumental in the band to get the success that they have right now. It is also in the adventurist method of the band and in their way of creating music that their listeners can dance to that the band has managed to still be on top. Right now, they’re revealing to the world that they have more to offer and that they’re not done. We also learned from the interview that their music right now is getting more intimate and they’re weaving a more exceptional musical brand today that many can still be excited about.

For Alex Pall to remain authentic in his creations, he tries hard to always stick to his roots. He writes songs he cares about. He has to make the music relate to his passions, interest and political ideas.