Creating Affordable Housing and Stability To Low Income Neighborhoods: Kevin Seawright’s Real Properties Solutions

In his native Baltimore Kevin Seawright has been a true force for good in troubled neighborhoods. He understands the problems that many Baltimore residents are having with housing. Seawright started his career as a managing fiscal officer for the City of Baltimore. His expertise in financial matters is well-known to those who benefited from his tireless work on behalf of low-income families and individuals.

Seawright knows Baltimore and loves the many attractions that Baltimore provides. As the Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks Seawright provided the means to attract tourists to the area. He puts the same effort he put into during his tenure at the Department of Recreation and Parks to provide affordable housing through his Real Property Solutions organization. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

Seawright’s position as the finance director of Baltimore’s Department of Housing has garnered him the ability to see the situation and address issues directly. Seawright did work for the private sector for a short time to gather information on construction. He soon returned to the public sector where he served for a time as the Executive Director of Operations at Collington Episcopal Life Community and as the Chief Financial Officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

It was while he was working for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation that he realized that he could do the same thing for Baltimore. He noticed that many of his fellow citizens could benefit from the example that Newark was setting by renovating and building affordable housing. He reached out to community leaders and came up with a plan that would stabilize the neighborhoods and revitalize them. Read this article at Live Newspaper  to know more.

His new organization, Real Property Solutions (RPS) would provide the low-income potential homeowners with the ability to move out of poverty. It would also help the community-at-large with attractive housing at affordable prices. Seawright hopes to increase homeownership in Baltimore by at least 50 percent. RPS solutions do provide first-time homeowners with incentives to stay in neighborhoods that need revitalization.

RPS Solutions’ chief mission is to help stabilize neighborhoods in Baltimore. He hopes that other cities will take his lead to revitalize their neighborhoods. Read more Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions Are Working to Increase Baltimore Homeownership