Bernardo Chua Looks To Inspire A Healthy Lifestyle

The good health of the people of the world is one of the main concerns of Bernardo Chua, a business leader who is as concerned with inspiring a healthy lifestyle as he is about the bottom line of his companies. On a personal level, the Organo Gold entrepreneur has impressed me with the impressive nature of the products he has created and the high level of confidence he has in the Ganoderma extract used to make the brand’s range of coffee as healthy as possible.

Born in the Philippines, the business leader is known to his colleagues and employees as “Bernie” has been working throughout the 21st-century to expand the reach of the direct sales industry into North America from its traditional home in Asia. Chua first came to them for as a direct sales expert in the 1990s working with the Gano Excel company as it expanded into a number of territories including Hong Kong and Canada with his knowledge of the business and the healthy Ganoderma extract used in the majority of products created by the brand. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Not only does the founder of Organo Gold believe his business needs to grow fast he also expects his companies to develop within the communities in which they operate. Direct sales has been spoken of by Chua as an impressive way of growing a brand at a fast rate as word of mouth and local sales professionals are used to develop the brand at a fast rate; the resident of Canada also believes local communities are given a fantastic opportunity to create strong careers within an industry they love.

The healthy lifestyle the majority of people are seeking in the 21st-century is made easier to achieve with the use of Ganoderma which has had a place in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. As a human of Chinese descent, Bernardo Chua has known of this mushroom-based extract for the majority of his life and has remained constant in his belief in Ganoderma as a way of life.

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