Fabletics Is Showing Power Of Crowdsourcing And Is Using Brick And Mortar To Compete With Amazon

One of the simplest things that sets a good company apart from a bad one is one that wants to know what its customers really think and will remedy any situations that have left them dissatisfied. Such is the case with Fabletics, a new popular women’s athleisure brand that uses customer reviews as part of its marketing campaigns. Fabletics owner actress Kate Hudson knows that customer needs not only should come first, but that the most credible word about how good a product is tends to come from its customers because people will believe the word of their peers over a television commercial. Many other companies are beginning to understand this “power of the crowd” concept.


Fabletics has designed women’s running accessories, yoga pants, swimwear and even a few outfits for men. At a time that many of the old fashion giants like American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale, JCPenney, and Men’s Warehouse have started shutting stores down, Fabletics has started moving into the gap because they have a business model that uses a few sales tactics that e-commerce companies like eBay and Amazon use. One is a membership program and big data that shortens search time for customers and connects them with deals that align with their tastes. But another is that Fabletics does have brick and mortar stores where customers can get the items they want, but it’s more of an addition to their online website as opposed to a website to compliment a brick and mortar store. Customers looking at the Fabletics website before buying in the store are doing what’s known as a reverse showroom.


Fabletics’s identity can really be summed up by Kate Hudson’s personality and lifestyle. Hudson’s career has been mostly devoted to acting and she didn’t know much about business when she became an owner of Fabletics, but the parent company Techstyle Fashion Group’s CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler asked her to do it because she had a love for wearing athleisure apparel. Hudson was all too happy to promote a brand that would give women a sense of empowerment no matter their size or tastes, which is why Fabletics now has plus sizes. Hudson not only regularly wears Fabletics apparel when she’s out and about, but she also has offered her input to improve the company’s service. She had the technical team make the membership program easier to signup for and to opt out of VIP status, and introductory prices for first-time shoppers. You can take advantage of the Fabletics deals by going to Fabletics.com, taking the lifestyle quiz and signing up after.