Louis Chenevert: Producing Scholarships for the UTC

The United Technologies Corporation, or UTC, is one of the largest tech companies in the world. They are creating products which are being used in the scientific research and commercial purposes. Their products include airplanes, HVAC systems, elevators, engines, and so much more. The products that they are offering managed to change the industrial sector of the world, and they are instrumental in the technological advancement that is being enjoyed by everyone. The previous CEO of the company, Louis Chenevert, is considered as one of the most important people who managed to change the company for the better.

When he was still the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert initiated a program that would allow deserving students to become company scholars. They are sent to the best engineering schools on the planet, being trained to become future engineers of the company. They are also allowing their employees to study while working with the company, and the program was a success because the number of engineers working for the company went up. Today, these students who benefited from the program spearheaded by Louis Chenevert is helping the company to produce products that can benefit humanity.

Today, the scholars who benefited from the program spearheaded by Louis Chenevert are thanking him because he thought about them when he was still in the position. Even though he no longer works for the company, the influence and the legacy of Louis Chenevert is still evident, and the programs that he initiated continues.

Louis Chenevert expressed his gratefulness to those who he helped when he was still a CEO. Today, the number of engineers who are working inside the company is shifting their focus to building environment-friendly innovation that would greatly help nature and would limit the production of dangerous by-products. Louis Chenevert stated that when he was still the CEO of the company, he also introduced other rules and regulations that would benefit the employees. Most of his colleagues are stating how kind he is towards the employees working for the company and how he is supportive of their goals.