Ian King: Cryptocurrency Expert And Business Mogul

The world of cryptocurrency is still largely misunderstood and rightfully so. While you are constantly hearing the term in the news and perhaps at work or with your family, few actually understand what it is, how you get it, and how it is used. That is why we are so lucky to have people like Ian King, cryptocurrency expert and long time financial analyst, to explain complicated topics such as this one to the common investor. King states that cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency. Because there is only a set number of them in the world, this helps fight against the possibility of inflation. Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, are “mined” through the use of very complex mathematical equations that, when solved, reward the miner with a crypto asset. This asset has a value that can be traded for either other currencies or in some cases for other goods and services. This all operates with the use of blockchain technology which helps track all available cryptocurrencies and helps avoid any chance of counterfeiting. King is also a contributing editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill has long been hailed as one of the most reliable and accurate financial advisory publications on the market due to their team’s combined years of experience in the field and proven track record over time. King adds helpful insight into the emerging market of cryptocurrency trading. It is Ian King’s goal to overtime develop a web based course that walks students through the step by step process of operating in the cryptocurrency market. He hopes that this will aid in bringing the many advantages of cryptocurrencies to light including its added security that is associated with the underlying blockchain technology. Ian King began his nearly two decade career in the financial sector as a simple desk clerk at Salomon Brothers but quickly rose through the ranks and moved on to work for Citigroup a few years later. After Moving into the options field of the financial sector, King found himself as the head options trader at Peahi Capital which operates a hedge fund based in New York. Ian King holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Lafayette College. With people like Ian King at the forefront of cryptocurrencies and the potential businesses behind them, there is no doubt that the digital currency is here to stay and will only grow in prominence and use over time.

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