Ted Bauman Proposes a Solution to Bitcoin Problem

Highly favored among enthusiasts as the currency of the future, bitcoin holds many guarantees as an approach to move cash securely, secretly and free from undesirable government interference. However, there is a huge issue that could impede the development, acceptance and acknowledgment of bitcoin. As financial specialist and investor Ted Bauman pointed out, bitcoin’s powerlessness to process expansive quantities of transactions rapidly and effectively, could block the famous cryptocurrency’s path to progress.

In The Bauman Letter, Bauman offers his money related knowledge on a month to month basis. He requested that his supporters imagine a period of time in the future, when bitcoin is more broadly acknowledged among the general community. While expanded acknowledgment of bitcoin is a positive advancement, it comes with conceivable traps.

In comparison to the handling capacities of the largest credit card companies, bitcoin exchanges can be horrendously slow. For instance, Visa can complete more than 20,000 transactions each second throughout busy time periods. Visa usually processes 1,700 transactions every second. For most, credit card purchases are processed almost immediately. Check this article at Bloomberg.com to know more about Ted Bauman

In opposition, bitcoin’s system structure can deal with six to seven exchanges each second. It’s typical for an exchange to take 10 minutes or so to be concluded. However, during a busy time period, bitcoin exchanges can take 40 minutes or more to process. Bauman estimated that this extremely slow processing time could frighten individuals from investing in bitcoin.

In an effort to increase bitcoin versatility, as indicated by Ted Bauman, a new cryptocurrency was formulated. It is now known as Bitcoin Cash, a branch of the first bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash developed after bitcoin miners created and implemented the hard fork strategy. This ploy involved propelling another branch of transactions under a different system with a bigger size. The final goal was to quicken the transaction process.

A local of Washington, D.C., Ted Bauman moved to South Africa, where he earned degrees in financial matters and history at the University of Cape Town.

Bauman has loaned his financial knowledge to unmistakable customers, for example, the World Bank, the United Nations, the legislature of South Africa and different organizations all through Europe.

Bauman has also worked with Habitat for Humanity. He is currently the supervisor of Smart Money Alert, Plan B Club and The Bauman Letter. As an enthusiastic explorer, Bauman has visited more than 75 countries around the world.

More information aboutTed Bauman:https://plus.google.com/+TedBaumanGuru


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