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A “retouched photograph” phrase will be present in any advertisement where the bodies of modes have been retouched by imaging program in France. According to Fagalli Advocates, the measure is like a Photoshop alert. The determination was put in the French Decree 2017-738. The decree is responsible for regulating article L2133-2 contained in the French Code of Public Health. The appearance of the photos cannot be made possible event by having a strict diet. This move was taken because more than 30,000 people in France majority of the adolescents suffer from anorexia. The disease leads to many deaths.

This is however not the first measure decreed by France. In 2016, the government needed all the models to have medical certificates summarizing their state of health as well as their body mass index. The penalty for not adhering with the measure is either a prison sentence for 6 months or a 75,000 Euro fine.

The charges for non-compliance to the Photoshop alert, on the other hand, is as 37,500 Euros fine or 30% fine of advertising cost. The Photoshop Alert decree was made in 2016. Israel adopted the body max index measure in 2012. Australia, on the other hand, started discussing the issue in 2014.Brazil was not left behind either, discussed the issue in 2010 and allowed retouching of images.

Bruno Fagalli is a lawyer in Brazil based in Sao Paulo. He is the owner of Fagalli Advocacy and is well conversant with administrative laws. Fagalli Advocacy practices anti-corruption law, electoral law and administrative law. Mr. Fagalli is also a corporate integrity manager at Noba/SB.

Bruno Fagalli has a fantastic education background. He attended the Pontificial Catholic University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He holds a Masters’ degree in Administrative and Anti-corruption Law. He is also in possession of numerous certificates for short courses and training on law and related practices. After graduation, he did his internship in reputable law firms in Brazil. He was an employee of Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. Mr. Fagalli has presented individual and organization in court hearings. He is an author and has written several articles and papers. Visit: