Sawyer Howitt Provides Advice To Young Businessmen

Sawyer Howitt’s goal is to become an entrepreneur one day. He currently works as a project manager at a Portland, Oregon marketing firm called the Meriwether Group. In addition to landing a job at a major advertising firm, Mr. Howitt is planning on studying entrepreneurship in college to further help him along his entrepreneurial journey. Sawyer highlights useful business advice that other young businessmen such as himself can benefit from in the following sections.

Mr. Howitt argues that timing isn’t the end all be all when it comes to starting a business. Yes, you want to have a good idea of what you want to do and have a solid plan in place before you launch a business. However, if you keep putting off starting a business because you think you are too young or inexperienced, then you may actually be hindering your success. Sawyer Howitt encourages people to take risks even if they may think it is too early. If you are adamant about putting off launching a business, then at least continue working towards your ultimate goal by getting an education, working, establishing contacts, saving money and building up a plan.

Howitt adds that younger businessmen should take advantage of their youth. In your youth you often lack the obligations of having to pay a mortgage and take care of kids. You probably also have more free time on your hands. While younger people may lack experience, they will make up for it in drive, ambition, financial freedom and no or limited obligations. Sawyer Howitt says that you should use this to your advantage and not let your lack of experience stop you from opening up or growing a business.

Mr. Howitt says that any young professional should have confidence in his or her abilities. This is absolutely vital because you will often be competing against older and more established colleagues in your company for promotions and assignments. It is highly probably if you are going to launch a business or enter a sector, you might be competing against already established businesses.

If you are not confident in yourself, then how you can expect to succeed says Sawyer Howitt. He also advises younger people to speak up and show off their skills when possible. You might have to develop your confidence adds Sawyer Howitt. If you treat it as a skill that can be developed, then you should be able to improve it with practice. Read more: