Roberto Santiago’s Mall Was Made to Withstand the Test of Time

Since Roberto Santiago is a businessman, he knows what it takes to have a successful business. One of the most important things he knows about is taking a business through all the trends that are happening around the world. He knew the Manaira Mall would have to be something people could use, and he even prepared for some of the economic turmoil that would happen. Because of the way Roberto Santiago built the mall, it has been able to withstand all the trends that have happened over the years. Even though other malls are doing poorly because of the age of online shopping, Manaira still continues to do well. Roberto Santiago made it so much more than just a boring mall. He wanted it to be a destination. It has proven itself to be a great destination with people who continue to visit the mall in every way. He wants to keep growing it for others.


As things have changed over the years, Roberto Santiago has always been prepared to keep up with the trends. He knew people who visited the mall would need more than just stores so he created entertainment. He also knew chain restaurants would not be the best option for people who were a part of the mall, so he chose to have traditional Brazilian food options. This helps the people who are visiting the mall as well as the local people who come to the mall and want to enjoy a meal while they are there.


Since things are constantly changing, Roberto Santiago works hard to keep up with the demands of the consumers at his mall. He is currently working on a hotel at the mall. This is going to serve its purpose for tourists to stay there while visiting the mall. Visitors no longer have to rely on a hotel that’s blocks away or staying somewhere they don’t know. The hotel at the Manaira Mall is what will make a difference in the hotel industry for all the people who are visiting.


Roberto Santiago chose to do all of this so he would be successful. He knew he wanted to help people, and he knew the mall was the best way to do it. For Roberto Santiago to make the best choice possible, he was doing everything he could to show people what they could get out of different situations. He was also making things easier on those who shopped at Manaira. For Roberto Santiago to continue being successful, he will need to continue adding options like hotels so people will not have to worry about where they are going to stay or what they’re going to do while they’re visiting the Manaira Mall.