How The Lawyer Karl Heideck Is Impacting Philadelphia

In 2017, Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia signed a new law in the state. Philadelphia was then able to be the first city to ban the employers who are in the private section not to ask about the salary history of their applicants. Like most of the changes that happen, there were some challenges faced. A few weeks before the law was to be effected, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia stated some reasons why the law could not be passed through.

It has been predicted that the law would impact those employers who are not in the limits of the city of Philadelphia. The rules were to only apply to those who carry out their businesses in Philly even if they participated in the activities regarding the third party. Those who do not follow this law will be needed to pay a penalty of two thousand dollars.

The rule, faced some disputes before it was even passed through. Some organizations threatened to take legal action against the city grounds. The city, however, filed a motion to the court to a request that the lawsuit is dismissed. They claimed that the lawsuit did not specify how this legislation would injure businesses. The court agreed that they could not prove the members of the Chambers who would suffer harm. The ruling was passed through, and it is not clear whether there will be any obstacles in the future.

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Karl Heideck is an attorney serving in the city of Philadelphia since the year 2015. He is a member of the Hire Counsel-listed attorney. He uses most of his time trying to furnish employers with the risk management services. When Karl Heieck is not doing this, he will then take the time to author a very popular blog. This blog is a useful tool in helping the people to have an understanding of how some laws work. Karl Heideck got his degree in law at the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. Before this, he got his undergraduate degree in 2003. He attained this from the Swarthmore College. He practices independently and also has several positions with the law firms in Philadelphia.

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