Glen. R. Wakeman The Established CEO of Launchpad

  1. R. Wakeman is a leading entrepreneur and businessman. Other than being successful in making investments, he is a renowned mentor and executive in the financial service industry. His passion lies in improving businesses with methodologies that have been proven to work. It is in this way that he has gotten to the top of his industry.


Wakeman studied at the reputable institution, the University of Scranton and acquired his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, in the year 1981. A decade later, he decided to go back to school and further his studies. That was when he enrolled to the University of Chicago for his postgraduate degree in Finance. He successfully graduated from the institution in the year 1993.

Towards the end of the year 1985, Glen Wakeman was employed by GE Money. This is where his career began. At first, he held varying position, working hard to get to the top of the companies leadership. As time went by, he received a number of promotions, seeing him get transfers to various branches including Asia, South America and Europe. And, by the time he was leaving the company, in the year 2006, he was the Chief Executive Officer.



When Glen Wakeman left GE Money, he was employed by Doral Financial Corporation (YahooNews. He took up the position of President and Chief Operations Officer in May 2006 (BusinessWire). A few months on and he was promoted to CEO of the company and was appointed to serve as a member of the board of directors. And, in the year 2008 he was appointed to lead as President of the Doral Bank. Glen Wakeman was with Doral until May 2015, when he left the company and set out to start his own business.



With more than 3 decades of experience, Wakeman in the year 2015, founded Launchpad Holdings LLC and SAAS company. Today, he works as the CEO of Launchpad. Launchpad is software that allows entrepreneurs to organize their workable ideas so that they turn into a plan.


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George Soros Returns, Sets Sights on a Progressive America

The return of billionaire philanthropist and progressive George Soros could pay huge dividends in the massive political battle that is shaping up for years to come. George Soros rose to prominence in the early ’00s when he backed Al Gore in his run for President against incumbent George W. Bush. While Gore did not win the election Soros quickly established himself as one of the more important liberal mega donors in the political game. Soros has mostly been keeping out of the spotlight over the past couple of years, focusing mainly on his philanthropic foundation — the Open Society Foundations, but now the man has back and he is back with a vengeance.

The big difference between progressives and conservatives in the American political game is that the majority of billionaires work hand in hand with conservative politicians, case in point = the Koch Brothers. George Soros bucks that trend because he puts all of his money toward embracing progressive values, social justice, democratic ideals, and education. As a result Soros has become the ultimate boogeyman for the conservative right. Soros had been disenfranchised by the prevalence of big money in politics but the rise of Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate (and eventual President) would give Soros just enough pause to re-enter the game. Soros and Trump were completely at odds with one another in the 2016 election campaign and it is easy to see why.

Soros returned in order to support Hillary Clinton in her run up as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Soros personally donated $8 million in order to boost up Clinton’s numbers as she sought to keep up with Trump’s Koch Brother fueled campaign. Soros would also donate big money to progressive candidates all around the United States, hoping to steal some seats anywhere that it was possible. Michael Vachon, the personal political adviser to George Soros, says that his client returned due to the sheer vitriol in the political climate and just how high the stakes were. Donald Trump stands for everything that Soros has spent his entire life fighting against. Read his profile at Business Insider.

If you know George Soros’ backstory then you are likely familiar with the fact that he grew up during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros saw firsthand what terrible people with a ton of power could do. This led Soros to start the Open Society Foundation once he found his way to wealth. This foundation has been instrumental in funding grassroots activism all over the world, including Ferguson, MO. Soros helped to fund the Ferguson Protests that shed so much light on police brutality and systemic racism in the police force. Soros’ return likely means a boon for these causes, as well. Read more about George’s life story at

Julia Jackson, Wine Warrior of Sonoma County

Julia Jackson is the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, and spokesperson for the company’s Cambria Estates Winery. She is the youngest daughter of company founder Jess Jackson and his wife and co-proprietor Baraba Banke, and the inspiration for one of its most celebrated wines, Cambria Estates Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir.

A graduate of Scripps College and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Jackson is also the founder of the nonprofit Cambria Seeds Of Empowerment. Seeds of Empowerment, a program which awards $100,000 annually in cash grants to organizations which further its core pillars of community, quality and spirit. As a wine industry executive as well as an active vintner, Jackson is well versed in the challenges women face in achieving business success and the pressures to act “other than yourself” within the corporate world. Seeds Of Empowerment aims to celebrate “Warrior Women” who often overcome great hardship to exemplify great success and inspire others in their community.

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Growing up immersed in the family business,picking and sorting grapes as a small child, Jackson soon gained a keen understanding of the land, climate, soil and unique grape varietals that set Sonoma County apart. This early hands on education led to a lifelong commitment to sustainable farming and the small-lot, individually focused vineyard practices which are crucial to producing Cambria Estates award winning wines. A passionate advocate for Sonoma’s wines, she believes many of its vintages rival those from Napa Valley and other Southern California wine producing regions. Sonoma Cabernet she argues, is of excellent quality, and one of the best wines produced by the region. As the international spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines, Jackson is committed to stewarding her family’s legacy and introducing Jackson Family Wines to wine enthusiasts across the globe.