Organizations Campaigning For Migrant Rights

Every year thousands of migrants struggle in America, being isolated and ostracised for being foreign. It would be bad enough if this just applied to those who came across the border illegally seeking a better life, but even those who have gone through the legal channels to be here find themselves facing the same difficulties and discrimination. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida and Jim Larkin | Twitter

The source of these threats can be surprising and more than a little disheartening, from their employers to those people ostensibly charged with protecting their rights and keeping the peace, law enforcement. Due to these threats against migrant Americans, groups have arisen to help support them and protect them as they try to integrate themselves into a country that promised hope and opportunity.

Champion Organisations In The Fight For Migrant Rights

Migrant Rights International

Migrants Rights International is an important organisation that is an alliance comprised of associations focused on the religious, labour, and civil rights of migrants all over the world. This group functions at all levels from local to international and fights the good fight for the respect and protection of migrants all over the world, including their families.

Their fight drives them to ensure that the voices of migrants are heard at all levels of policy-making. They’ve been involved in important events focused on Migrant Rights, including the Day for General Discussion on Undocumented Migrant Workers, and the Global Campaign for the Ratification of the UN Migrant Workers Convention.

Global Workers Justice Alliance

The GWJA was established to handle a crisis that was largely being left largely ignored by other organisations. Cathleen Caron set out to ensure that abused migrant workers weren’t being prevented from accessing the justice system while they went home to their families. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This campaign was set off by her discovering that 2000 farm workers were never able to collect on the wages that were owed t them because they had returned to Guatemala from their work in Florida. From there she went on to fight human trafficking in East Timor and realised that portable justice was something dearly needed. Thus was formed the Global Workers Justice Alliance and its unyielding fight against injustice.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

It’s a common theme that some event precipitated the creation of a fund or organisation fighting for migrant rights. In the case of the Frontera Fund, it was the strong-armed treatment received by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin when they used their company Village Voice Media to report on the misdeeds of the local sheriff.

Like something out of a government conspiracy, they were removed from their homes by force and thrown into two unmarked vehicles. The local sheriff Arpaio had been engaged in anti-Mexican rhetoric in Arizona and had been called before the Grand Jury. Lacey and Larkin wasted no time in taking Arpaio to court for violation of their First Amendment Rights and an abuse of power.

The $3.7 million settlement they won was immediately turned to creating the Frontera Fund. Since then the Frontera Fund has focused on promoting migrant rights and freedom of speech all along the Mexican border in Arizona.

Whitney Wolfe Makes Big Impression On Dating App Industry

Most people approach dating apps similarly. Singles will sign up and upload pictures for their profile. They will browse dating apps and send out a couple of messages. Most of these people will log off and forget that they were ever signed up for that. Others may check back within a couple of days. There are still others that may forget their passwords and lock themselves out of their accounts. All in all, most people that sign up for dating apps will typically check for about 48 to 72 hours within initially signing up. After this they will be less likely to continue checking their account daily for any signs of a potential mate.

Whitney Wolfe has done the research and she is aware that there are many women that are looking for a relationship. She knows that there are lots of men they are sending messages, but she wanted women have a way to narrow down who they were selecting.

Read more: Whitney Wolfe and the Future of Connections

With the Bumble app Whitney Wolfe finally put women in control because they would be the ones that would ultimately say yay or nay the messages that were received. The caveat for this is that have to be done within a 24-hour period. This is something that will keep people interested in this dating app. It would become the type of app that would grow in a tremendous way and totally change the way that people perceived the dating app world.

Whitney Wolfe had a great advantage because she already knew what the competition was doing. She had already been part of the dating app industry and she knew just how stagnant the dating app were. Whitney Wolfe did not want to be another number in the dating app count. She wanted Bumble to become a springboard for innovation.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe:

Vijay Eswaran: An Entrepreneur With A Passion Of Helping People

Many people come to Jakarta with a hope to become a successful entrepreneur one day, but many can achieve what they came for. But very few are the one who falls down, get up, fall down and get up again and ultimately reached their goal. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran is one of them who came, worked very hard, seen many ups and downs of life and ultimately achieved what he came for. And now he has devoted his life to working novice entrepreneur so that they do not have to travel on that tough path.

It’s a successful return for the Malaysian founder to Indonesia who is no other than the renowned entrepreneur and founder of the Qi Group. He is a young tycoon of multilevel marketing with marketing and sales that already approached US$1 billion and working hard to get more in coming years.

The QI Group has the honor to be co-founded by Vijay in 1998 with the help of people who think the same like Vijay Eswaran did and they decided to come up with an idea of assisting an individual on a platform that would be accessible without the limitation of boundaries, the internet.

This company is an internet based conglomerate with a focus on different diversified files such as communications, retail/direct sales, leisure and lifestyle, luxury along with few valuable collectibles, education, conference management and training to hone your hidden potentials, logistics along with the dealing in real estate business.

So, overall, Vijay can help you in any way with his team of professionals and expert who would be more than happy to assist you in your hunt for quality products and services.

Vijay took his formal education from one of the very best educational institutes in the US and UK, and that made him an ideal combination of education and experience to help middle-class people with his expertise, assistance, and guidance.

He never wanted to be in the top wealthy individual; all he wants is to help people who are in need so that they won’t lose their hard earned earning in starting a business that they don’t know much about.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

EOS Lip Balm; The Fast Company Recap

For many many years, you would be stuck with just plain regular lip balm. If you wanted flavor, you only had a few choices to pick from. Such as mint, strawberry or even watermelon. However, EOS or Evolution of Smooth,, began to pop up everywhere. Why? Because it is the second most sold lip balm in the country. Burt’s bees being the first. Mehra is the co-founder of EOS who has a background on Business. While Teller is the founder who has a background and spent time at start up incubators, thinking of different ways to invent new products for the beauty industry.

EOS used something not most companies use. That is the five senses. When you closed or open the cap, you would hear a click. It’s very round and soft to the touch. The design is simple yet very eye catching. If you happened to lick your lips, you can taste the flavor. You could also smell the flavor of the lip balm. EOS lip balm also used organic ingredients to complete the product.

EOS worked very smart on the marketing side. They used social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which targeted the most targeted consumers, such as young adults and adults. The company has moved to invent new products based from the EOS lip balms. Such as, shaving creams and hand lotion.